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Update 10
« le: 31 janvier 2013, 08:55:28 »
Thread d'infos sur l'update 10.

Ce que l'on en sait aujourd'hui:
A propos de l'Update 10:
- Les morts hors-donjon ne causeront plus d'effet d'effroi
- L'impact de la caractéristique "Destin" sera plus important et la quantité de pouvoir que chaque classe obtient en fonction de cette caractéristique sera standardisée
- De nouveaux loots vont apparaître sur les nouvelles instances ainsi que les anciennes qui montent jusqu'au niveau maximum, y compris un nouveau set d'armure et les sceaux nécessaires pour armes du second et du premier âge
- Les Sentinelles verront l'Agilité devenir leur caractéristique principale. Ce changement sera implémenté après une période d'information laissant le temps aux Sentinelles de changer leur équipement si besoin
- Les nouveaux donjons de groupe et de raids arriveront bien avec l'Update 10
- Mais surtout: l'Update 10 sera sur le serveur de test dès la semaine prochaine !


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Re : Update 10
« Réponse #1 le: 31 janvier 2013, 09:05:35 »
Release Note de la première version déployée cette nuit sur le serveur de test:

The following release notes are for the Bullroarer public test server only and may not reflect the final list of changes or updates included at release.
Please be aware that everything listed here is subject to change. These notes are not final.

Of Special Note
* Mithril Coins are now available. Please read the Q&A for more information.
* Instance loot has been revamped.
* Warden's have received a change to their primary stat. Wardens will now have Agility as their primary stat.

Critical Defence Changes
Monster Play
* The amount of Critical Defence provided by the innate Armour Passive has been reduced. We wanted to create more parity between Freep and Creep access to Critical Defence and felt that the base values were so high they did not encourage investment in Critical Protection Corruptions.
* The amount of Critical Defence provided by Critcial Protection Corruptiosn has been increased to 1376 per Corruption.

Critical Rating Revision
* Critical Rating now increases both chance to critically hit and the magnitudes of both your critical and devastating critical hits. Critical Hit chance caps or conversion rates have not been altered by this change.
* All skills (unless otherwise stated in the skill) have a base 1.5x Critical Damage and 2.0 Devastating Critical Damage. Critical Rating now adds to those values.
* Critical Defence's conversion rate to Critical Damage Reduction has been modified to be a counter stat to Critical Rating.
* Critical Defence will now be available on Armour, Jewelry, and Shields for all classes.

Critical Defence for mobs
Signature or Greater mobs now have Critical Defence with the amount increasing based on mob type.

Critical Effect Revision
* For effects delivered by skills: If the skill delivery is Critical or Devastating, then the applied effects will always crit; if the skill does not crit, then the applied effects will never crit.
Note: This change applies to instant effects, and to the initial pulse of damage-over-time effects (DoTs) and healing-over-time effects (HoTs). Subsequent pulses of DoTs and HoTs will roll for critical effect just as before.

Stat Changes
* Fate has undergone a rather large revamp and should now provide much more noticeable effects on ICPR as players stat into it. Will and Power have also undergone noticeable changes, as Will will no longer contribute to players' power pools. Instead, players will receive an increased amount of Power at each level (50/level for non Will-users and 65/level for Will-users), and all skill costs will now be based on a percentage of this power. Each class has also undergone adjustements to their overall power consumption/restoration rates in an attempt to normalize combat longevity.
* Agility will now provide 1 point of crit rating whereas Fate will provide 2.5
* Will now provides 2 points of Tactical Mitigation to compensate for the loss of power contribution
* Wardens will now derive their mastery ratings from both Might and Agility. Once U11 hits, these ratings will only be derived from Agility.
* Champions will now receive 6 points of Parry from Might rather than 4 points of Block and 2 points of Parry

The following NEW instances are now available
* The Bells of Dale (6 Player)
* Flight to the Lonely Mountain (12 player)
* The Fires of Smaug (12 Player)
* The Battle for Erebor (12 Player)

In Their absence
All of the instances in the “In their Absence” instance cluster have been scaled from level 65 up to level cap.

Several MTX buffs now have stackable durations. Using one of these items again before the first item's duration has elapsed will increase the buff's duration by the normal duration of the buff. For example, using two +25% Mark Acquisition (90 min) will give you 3 hours of buff duration.
+10% Run Speed Boost (90 min)
Scroll of Max Morale and Power (90 minutes)
+5% Attack Damage (90 min)
+25% Mark Acquisition (90 min)
Tome of Extraordinary Experience
Tome of Accelerated War-steed Training
Slayer and Skill Deed Boost (90 min)
Tome of Defence
+20% Renown (3 hours)
+20% Infamy (3 hours)

It’s the little things.

“Forced” Emotes
"Enable Involuntary Emotes" has been added to your social options panel. This option is set to “enable” by default.
When enabled, you will execute emotes when nearby players target you with emote inducing skills, such as Minstrel and Captain class skills, and festival item skills. This was the previous behavior for all players.
Disabling “Enable Involuntary Emotes” will allow you to opt out of involuntary emotes (emotes which another player is attempting to force you to execute).
Players who have disabled involuntary emotes are treated as immune to these effects. If you attempt to force such a player to execute an involuntary emote, you will see “Immune” appear briefly above them. Affected players will also see the “Immune” text when they resist an involuntary emote effect.

Dread on Defeat effects removed.
Players will no longer receive the dread effect when defeated. This applies to defeat dread only. Other forums of dead will continue to exist as before.

Monster Kill XP adjustments
XP from mobs that are more than 8 levels above has been zeroed out to prevent some extreme cases where scaling could provide unintended amounts of experience

Release Notes
* Fellows who have not contributed to a monster kill will now get a chance for their own quest items similar to how normal item loot works
* The Rouse Spirit perk has been removed in accordance with the removal of Defeat Dread.
* Fixed a bug that could allow a player to complete a remote bestow quest objective while traveling, with strange results.
* Fixed a problem that could cause strange behavior with Tasks when in a raid group. Completing Tasks should now work properly when in a raid group.
* Bound Lootboxes should no longer drop Golden Tokens of the Riddermark.

"Quick of Foot" Stamp cooldown reduction changed from 15s to 10s.
The Tooltip tooltip for the trait, "Quick of Foot" now accurately states that it reduces the cooldown of Stamp by 10s instead of 15s.

The Trait "Skillful Blocking" is changing names to "Combat Positioning", and will now proc from Evades and Partial Evades instead of Blocks and Partial Blocks in keeping with the change from Might to Agility as a Primary Stat.
Some Assailment skills were not properly advancing deeds. Assailment versions of skills should now advance deeds as intended.

Mounted Combat
Rohirrim Discipline: +200 War-steed Armour Rating has been replaced by +10% War-steed Morale
Riddermark: Discipline: +10% War-steed Morale has been replaced with an increase to Power Cost Reduction (From 10% to 20%)
Mearas-lore: Cooldown has been increased to 30 seconds
In Rohirrim, targets damage and attack speed will be further decreased (From 10% to 20%)
In Riddermark, attacks will now have a 10% chance to dismount target for the next 10 seconds
In Red Dawn, target's tactical and physical mitigation will be further decreased (From 10% to 20%)
Bond of the Rider: Number of targets has been increased from 1 to 3
Sign of Power: Inspiration: This skill is now a toggle

Rohirrim Discipline will now provide a bonus to evade chance rather than incoming healing
Flay Open will now restore power to players, rather than morale (in Rohirrim)
Seeking Arrow will now restore morale to players, rather than power (in Rohirrim)

Increased the potency of the Mounted Minstrel Skill “Anthem of the Red Dawn” to buff damage by 10% instead of 5%.
Fixed an issue that caused some mounted monsters to exhibit super-awesome-speed when dismounted by water.
The monster Skutog will now use mounted flanking movement behavior instead of ranged.
Uruk-hai Raider attacks will now animate when wielding a 1-handed weapon
Minstrel, Warden, and Rune-keeper skills are now affected by Silence
Spotted War-steed trait and Orc Head on a Pike trait cannot be re-used if the character already has the trait.
Reduced the induction time on learning some new skills and trait from 10 seconds to 4 seconds.
Fixed a typo in the War-steed panel for Wardens. “Wargen” changed to “Warden”
The War-steed's Power Trait will now reduce the cost of using Spur On. If Power is fully ranked up, there will be no additional power cost of using your skills. The Power trait will also decrease the power usage per second cost of using Spur On.
Guardian skill Driving Slash was not lowering monster armour correctly.
The visual effects for the Burglar skill All in the Wrist are now aligned correctly for hobbits.
The simple tail should now accept dyes correctly.
Fixed a bug that allowed users to deal trample damage to banners

Monster Play
Freep Battlefield Promotions
* Freeps now gain a Battlefield Promotion effect for each PvMP Rank they earn.
Battlefield Promotions grant bonus Health, Power and Damage for each Glory Rank the player has.
* Battlefield Promotions are only active while in the Ettenmoors.

Instances, Raids, Skirmishes
* Guldur Goblins will no longer drop scaling equipment
* The level 85 Dol Guldur armour sets now have the correct amount of armour for each piece.
Skirmishes - The original Barad Guldur sets are now available from the Classic skirmish vendors. New level 85 versions, with updated stats and different appearances are also available.

The following instances now use Remote Looting
* Library at Tham Mírdain
* School at Tham Mírdain
* Halls of Night
* Inn of the Forsaken
* Great Barrow: Sambrog
* Great Barrow: The Maxe
* Great Barrow: Thadúr
* Annuminas: Glinghant
* Annuminas: Ost Elendil
* Annuminas: Haudh Valandil
* Fornost: Wraith of Water
* Fornost: Wraith of Earth
* Fornost: Wraith of Fire
* Fornost: Wraith of Shadow
* In Their Absence: Ost Dunhoth
* In Their Absence: Sâri-surma
* In Their Absence: The Northcotton Farm
* In Their Absence: Lost Temple
* In Their Absence: Stoneheight

Norcroft Farms
* The majority of the poison themed dots and debuffs should now be on the same equivalence channel, meaning that multiple removeable poison effects on a single player should be a rare occurance.
* Curing one of these poison effects (except for the most minor ones) should place a protection effect that bars further poisons from appearing for about a 30s duration.


* The Seer's Orb has been changed from the Small Furniture category to the Thin Furniture category.
* Shield of Shattered Manacles now gives players some Might, in addition to everything else.
Padded Robes of the Entwash will now give Tactical Mastery, in place of Physical. Because light armor wearers TOTALLY want Physical Mastery.
* Updating the Hauberk of Reclamation to call Might, instead of Will -- this is intended for healing captains.
* Sword of the Ancestors has been made Rare quality, with upgraded stats.
* Curse of Deadly Sorrows and Banner of Terror should now debuff Tactical Mastery instead of Will.

The following weapons have received Slayer Types:
* Coldfells Vengeance
* Seeker's Blade
* Inquisitor's Edge

* Recipes for First Age weapons and class items can now be found on the Legendary Craft Guild NPCs.
* Crafted armor for Tiers 1-4 has undergone some re-leveling to make the armor levels within each crafting tier consistent. Crafted Light and Medium armor within these tiers has also had some of their stats replaced with stats more beneficial to the classes they support.
* Crafting XP values are being adjusted down
* Crafting Guild Reputation Items are now only useable by players who are actively a member of the respective Crafting Guild.

Legendary items
* Standardized the names of Tier 1 through Tier 9 relics. This should make it a little easier to tell what the main stat is when selecting a sealed relic from a quest reward.
* Slightly lowered the amount of xp on the heritage runes received when refining relics. The amount of xp will increase as the level/tier of the relic being refined increases.

Town Services & NPCs
No more having to travel out of town to make that tasty trailfood treat! Cooks will now be able to use ovens, as well as campfires, to make their trailfoods.

User Interface
* Tooltips for Skills, Items, and Effects will now more consistently use red to indicate harmfulness
* Mounted enemies who have been dismounted will now mount up again when they reset
The Exalted Combatant Effect which is applied to Champions in Glory when they are traited 4 deep into the Martial Champion line is now correctly suppressed when the champion is mounted and reenabled when the champion dismounts.
* The “Find Items” feature now darkens the non-matching items and bag icons instead of using the “New Item” swirlies
* The “New Item” indicator should now be visible on items that you can't use
* The use of the Revial Service will no longer log "You Succumb to Your Wounds" in the chat window. Instead it will report that you have been revived.

* Lone-lands: Quest counts have been lowered for a number of quests (eg. Instead of kill 24 wights, it's now kill 10.) Quest kills should now be in the 8-12 range, which we feel is a more reasonable number.
* Angmar monster-kill quests have been adjusted to have shorter objectives and higher drop rates for quest items. (This change affects mostly solo quests.)
* The drama sequence toward the end of the I.11.4 instance has been made completeable once again.
* Removed a little bit of the stun from “Stunland” (Brigands do significantly less stun and much more fun!)

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Re : Update 10
« Réponse #2 le: 31 janvier 2013, 09:57:55 »
Y'a du gros changement sur les critiques et la volonte....
Bon, va falloir se de-stuff en volonte pour se re-stuff en destin. Et serieusement en plus.
Du coup ils vont devoir modifier les loot aussi, parce que la, y'a rien qui donne du destin.

Je parle pour Piwa bien sur...
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Re : Re : Update 10
« Réponse #3 le: 31 janvier 2013, 10:07:17 »
Y'a du gros changement sur les critiques et la volonte....
Bon, va falloir se de-stuff en volonte pour se re-stuff en destin. Et serieusement en plus.
Du coup ils vont devoir modifier les loot aussi, parce que la, y'a rien qui donne du destin.

Je parle pour Piwa bien sur...

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Re : Update 10
« Réponse #4 le: 31 janvier 2013, 10:26:09 »
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Re : Update 10
« Réponse #5 le: 31 janvier 2013, 10:47:18 »
Bon, je viens de regarder rapidement l'entrée des nouvelles instances.

De Dieu que ca donne envie !!!
C'est très beau, c'est très frais, ca ressemble pas à des couloirs pleins de packs (sauf l'instance à 6) rien à voir avec les 3 instances à 3 d'Erebor.
Bon, je n'ai regardé que le début (jusqu'aux premiers boss), mais rien que ca... *bave*

Sans transition, sachez qu'il n'y a pas (encore) de Celebrimbor 85 achetable aux camps d'escarmouches (ca viendra peut être avant la fin de la beta, qui sait).

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Re : Update 10
« Réponse #6 le: 31 janvier 2013, 10:48:28 »
<bave>  :icon_razz:

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Re : Update 10
« Réponse #7 le: 31 janvier 2013, 11:33:24 »
Argh Walm, pas bien de donner envie comme ca :)


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Re : Update 10
« Réponse #8 le: 31 janvier 2013, 11:49:48 »
Quelques screens spoilers  :icon_twisted:

* The Bells of Dale (6 Player)

* Flight to the Lonely Mountain (12 player)

* The Fires of Smaug (12 Player)

* The Battle for Erebor (12 Player)
« Modifié: 31 janvier 2013, 13:33:08 par Walm »

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Re : Update 10
« Réponse #9 le: 01 février 2013, 13:20:10 »
Journal de dev : pièces de Mithril

La sortie de la Mise à jour 10 verra l'introduction d'une nouvelle monnaie dans le jeu, appelée pièces de mithril. Celles-ci pourront être achetées au magasin SdAO avec des points Turbine, et pourront être utilisées pour obtenir différents services, dont les maîtres des écuries, le voyage rapide auprès de PNJ pendant les quêtes, les résurrections, les mannequins et les réinitialisations de quêtes quotidiennes.

Que cela signifie-t-il concrètement pour moi ?

Les pièces de mithril remplaceront certains articles existants, comme par exemple les tomes de résurrection et les écrits de maître des écuries. Notre objectif est de fournir une interface simple et cohérente pour les services que vous utilisez déjà. Il devrait être plus rapide et plus facile pour vous de réinitialiser une quête, de voyager ou de ressusciter promptement.

Pourquoi introduire les pièces de mithril maintenant ?

Nous sommes constamment à la recherche de nouvelles façons d'améliorer l'expérience de jeu.
Ceci permet de simplifier plusieurs services et vous permet de vous replonger dans l'action sans interrompre l'expérience de jeu.

Pourquoi se concentrer là-dessus plutôt que sur le contenu de jeu ?

Les pièces de mithril ne représentent qu'un des nombreux éléments de la Mise à jour 10, qui inclut également la deuxième partie du groupe d'instances du Rohan, des instances et des raids nouvellement échelonnés de "En votre absence", l'introduction d'armes du Premier Âge au niveau 85 et des mises à jour de la caractéristique Destin et de la classe de sentinelle.

Comptez-vous étendre l'utilisation des pièces de mithril à d'autres secteurs du SdAO ?

Nous avons quelques idées concernant les pièces de mithril et la manière dont elles peuvent être intégrées à d'autres aspects du jeu, et l'évolution de ces idées dépendra des commentaires et réactions des joueurs.

Est-il possible d'obtenir des pièces de mithril dans le jeu ?

Pour l'instant, les pièces de mithril peuvent uniquement être achetées au magasin SdAO.

Cela signifie-t-il que le magasin SdAO sera amené à disparaître ?

Nous n'avons aucunement l'intention de supprimer le magasin, qui est un endroit idéal pour l'achat d'articles plus onéreux comme les achats et les déverrouillages s'appliquant à l'ensemble du compte.

Les VIP recevront-ils chaque mois des pièces de mithril comme ils reçoivent actuellement des points Turbine ?

Actuellement, il n'est pas prévu d'octroyer des pièces de mithril de cette manière, mais les VIP peuvent bien sûr acheter des pièces de mithril avec les points Turbine qu'ils reçoivent tous les mois.


Bon, avant que ça évoque dans tous les sens, pour résumé, il s'agit juste d'une modification du système d'aide au jeu (tome de résurrection, voyage rapide, etc etc), qui uniformise la monnaie nécessaire pour se procurer ce genre d'aide. Perso, vu que je n'utilisais déjà pas ce genre de trucs, le changement ne m'impacte pas...pour ceux qui sont adeptes, ça simplifiera la gestion.



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