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Dev Chat #4
« le: 21 mars 2013, 23:27:07 »
 Transcript: LOTRO Developer Twitter Chat - Thursday March 21, 2013

    This is the official transcript from our developer chat of March 21, 2013.

    Please note we’ve been as open as possible with our answers, but please be aware that development priorities are prone to shifting. Our answers reflect our current plans and expectations, but are subject to change.

    The following members of the LOTRO Team will be answering your questions.

        Aaron “Rowan” Campbell - Senior Producer
        Derek Flippo – Design Director
        Matt "Hoarsedev" Zimmitti - Lead Systems Designer
        Lauren “Budgeford” Salk - Senior Content Designer (Region Gameplay and Content)
        Matt “Scarycrow” Fahey - World Builder
        Evan "Verizal" Graziano - Associate Systems Designer (Classes, Items, Mounted Combat)
        Rick “Sapience” Heaton - Community Manager


    Please note: Responses that required multiple tweets have been condensed here for easier reading.

    Q1: Drunken_Valar – Any plans to update the stability of the game?

    A1: Aaron “Rowan” Campbell
    With Update 10 we hit some unexpected issues that required us to close “Flight to the Lonely Mountain” The engineering team is tracking those down, and we hope to have them fixed soon.
    We’re also looking at ways to add more monitoring to the game servers to help us track down bugs. We continue to push the boundaries of our game engine with new features like mounted combat. Those are great for new gameplay, but also create new challenges for our engineers.

    Q2: Rsmuppet – What sources do you use in checking lore, story, and history of Middle-earth?

    A2: Matt “Scarycrow” Fahey
    For all things Tolkien, we have experts who pour through pages upon pages of text to make sure we are as accurate as possible. We also have almost every book written by or about Tolkien and LOTR.

    Q3: Cris - May we expect a more realistic series of emotes or an update of those that we already have?

    A3: Matt “Scarycrow” Fahey
    I would love to add a few new player emotes to the game. Which kinds of emotes do you have in mind?

    Q4: ISS_21 – Will there be a level cap increase with Update 11?

    A4: Aaron “Rowan” Campbell

    A4a: Lauren “Budgeford” Salk
    No level cap increase at this time. U11 features solo end-game content and rewards.

    Q5: Midford - Can you guys focus not just only on new content, but also the bugs?

    A5: Lauren “Budgeford” Salk
    We always fix many bugs each update! If you see something broken, feel free to /bug it in game so we’re aware of the issue.

    Q6: Elemiire - Any plans for a 'combine all' and / or 'refine all' option for the Relic Master? Carpal Tunnel isn't fun.

    A6: Matt “Scarycrow” Fahey
    This is a very good suggestion. I'll ask around and see if it is a viable option.

    Q7: Raowyn - Any plans towards making landscape barter tokens upgradeable to the endgame factions tokens and/or shared accross the entire account?

    A7: Evan "Verizal" Graziano
    Although there are no immediate plans, shared tokens are something that I could certainly look into for the near future. I’m probably going to steer clear of upgradeable tokens though, at least for the time being.

    Q8: OverlordGate - Can we expect new instances within the new area of U11 this summer?

    A8: Lauren “Budgeford” Salk
    No instances this time. Instances were the focus of U10, and U11 features a new region & epic.

    Q9: Nasami - Since Dale and Erebor now appear in instances, is there ANY chance of them at least being added as instanced missions, or even better - zones?

    A9: Matt “Scarycrow” Fahey
    Currently we have no plans to make Erebor part of our open world. As for instanced missions, you'll have to consult Budgeford.

    A9a: Lauren “Budgeford” Salk
    Our content focus is actually on another part of Middle-earth at the moment. No plans for Dale or Erebor currently.

    Q10: LS - Zalladi - Are there plans for a new skirmish due for release?

    A10: Lauren “Budgeford” Salk
    No plans for a new Skirmish currently, but we have new “stuff” in the works. Handwavy vague!

    Q11: FatMeff With the upcoming class revamps, what sort of juicy changes are you making to the Burger? I MUST know!#LOTRO #DEVCHAT #BURGERTIME

    A11: Matt "Hoarsedev" Zimmitti
    Lots of extra cheese!

    A11b: Aaron “Rowan” Campbell
    I like Bacon.

    Q12: Joene - In the last dev chat you mentioned you might revamp vanilla zones if time allows. Which zone(s) do you consider that need the most attention?

    A12: Matt “Scarycrow” Fahey
    Unfortunately we have no vanilla zones scheduled for revamp. On a personal note, I would love to revamp Trollshaws. The World team also mentioned North-downs (Drachyn) and Enedwaith (Iceman).

    A12b: Lauren “Budgeford” Salk
    My personal wishlist, IF time allows: Bree, Ered Luin, Misties, Trollshaws, Forochel, North Downs.

    Q13: AC - Levanas - When we would to hear about new expansion? Like it's name or possible release date?

    A13: Aaron “Rowan” Campbell
    Kate Paiz already mentioned Helm’s Deep… that’s all I can say at this time.

    Q14: ISS_21 – Will there be mounted combat instances?

    A14: Lauren “Budgeford” Salk
    All content now incorporates some Mounted Combat gameplay, but there are no group MC instances atm.

    Q15: Midford - Can we get more news on the Player Council?

    A15: Rick “Sapience” Heaton
    The official announcement, information, and how to apply will be posted tomorrow.

    Q16: Fexalicious - Will there be raider representatives in the upcoming council?

    A16: Rick “Sapience” Heaton
    Yes. One of the questions on the application is about your preferred playstyle.

    Q17: Levanas - When we would to hear about new expansion? Like it's name or possible release date?

    A17: Rick “Sapience” Heaton
    I can only say our 6th Anniversary is coming. Keep an ear to the ground!

    Q18: Radspakr - Any news on improving (or actually including) tanking gear especially vitality jewellery to better match the might and will drops?

    A18: Evan "Verizal" Graziano
    A lot of tanking gear was released with Update 9. Although I might typically veer away from changing pre-existing gear. I see no problem with taking a look to make some of the tanking items more beefy.

    Q19: Avengingbananaslug - Are there any plans to rework the legendary item system?

    A19: Evan "Verizal" Graziano
    At this time, no, there are no plans to rework LI.

    Q20: Bamatram - any news on when u11 will be hitting bullroarer?

    A20: Aaron “Rowan” Campbell
    Update 11 is on Palantir! We’ll bring it to Bullroarer when it’s ready.

    Q21: Brya - When can we get auto-loot in place for skirmishes?

    A21: Evan "Verizal" Graziano
    Although I can’t really commit to an exact date at this time this is something that is being planned for the near future

    Q22:Thodorin – Do you plan to improve localization and fix some of the translations errors?

    A22: Aaron “Rowan” Campbell
    Yes! We continue to fix bugs.

    A22a: Rick “Sapience” Heaton
    Our translation team is working on improving translations with every update and patch. There are also players who routinely submit suggested translations to the team.

    Q23: Hurant - Can healers expect items with proc on heal in the near future? Especially the golden Rohan final ring upgrades or mooncandle necklaces?

    A23: Evan "Verizal" Graziano
    There are two new healer rings being released with Update 10.1 – one that is might-based and another that is will-based, both with on-heal procs

    Q24: GingerAJ - With us now receiving items, that have effects when causing or receiving damage, will we receive items that activate on other effects?

    A24: Evan "Verizal" Graziano
    Simply put…yes. Although there is no set timeline, you should start to see a larger variety of proc effects being released with future updates.

    Q25: Elemiire - Will you fix the 'procs' on the Upgraded Rohan Rings to benefit healers and support classes?

    A: 25: Evan "Verizal" Graziano
    As mentioned above, there are two new healer rings being released with 10.1

    Q26: Nasami - Cosmetic gear slots? My LM has found some gorgeous staves, only to lose how they look because she found better quality gear. Please?

    A26: Evan "Verizal" Graziano
    Unfortunately due to tech limitations, this is not really an option

    Q27: Nasami - Verizal: Is there a way to make war-steed riding 'smoother'? The regular mounts' gait looks so much more natural than the war-steed's gallop...

    A27: Evan "Verizal" Graziano
    This is another tech limitation that we are forced to deal with. Given their inclusion in combat, the war-steeds have a heavier set of restrictions that they must abide by in order to keep combat, itself, as flowing and functional as possible.

    Q28: OverlordGate - Which instance cluster will be scaled and revamped next and when can we expect it?

    A28: Derek Flippo
    Right now we’re focusing on prototyping Helm’s Deep instanced content for the upcoming expansion pack. After we’ve shipped the expansion we’ll evaluate the remaining potential revamps vs. making new instances.

    Q29: Nyrion – Any plans to change the virtue system? Slayer deeds in particular?

    A29: Matt "Hoarsedev" Zimmitti
    We’re considering changes to slayer deeds to get them to fit in with future class changed.They may no longer be directly tied to specific skills, but rather, give you progression you can choose.

    Q30: JeauxLOTR - Who is the RK Developer and when will they begin to engage the RK Community?

    A30: Matt "Hoarsedev" Zimmitti
    While there are principle designers for each class, I do want to stress that this is a team effort. That said, Jinjaah is the principle on RK.

    Q31: Tulcavaryar - Any plans to help hunters and burglars get their mitigations above 40% more easily?

    A:31 Matt "Hoarsedev" Zimmitti
    That will be dependent on what build you choose =)

    Q32: MrWarg - Can we have more details about the class revamp please, specifically the implementation of skill trees?

    A32: Matt "Hoarsedev" Zimmitti
    Three trees per class. Some degree of blending at a higher cost than sticking with a pure build. Bonuses granted based on an early-level specialization choice that grows as points are spent. You can have multiple specs. You can respec.

    Q33: Zalladi - When will the next 'Player-designed relic' poll be started?

    A33: Matt "Hoarsedev" Zimmitti
    That’s up to Sapience.

    A33a: Rick “Sapience” Heaton
    Wow, I'm in charge of something? *marks calendar* Soon™! Seriously. Look for a post after PAX East.

    Q 34: Somehow we missed a number and skipped to 35. This is left blank for consistency with the chat.

    Q35: Nendis_Nenar A Housing-Question: Will empty houses from inactive players be available to rent again?

    A35: Matt “Scarycrow” Fahey

    Q36: @andrewscorgie Having seen the improved maps for bree and surrounding areas, will all maps be given a more modern look, as they do look dated #LOTRO

    A36: Lauren “Budgeford” Salk
    We generally update maps as we revamp zones.

    Q37: @bob101910 Any idea how much the new region in U11 will cost? #LOTRO

    A37: Aaron “Rowan” Campbell
    Wildermore will be free for VIPs.

    Q38: @Honvik Any idea if you will bring in a PvP tournament system I.e 12v12 or smaller PvP warzone #devchat#lotro

    A38: Derek Flippo
    We have no plans to add additional PvMP content.

    Q39: @MikeWestYYC Do you feel the current state of LOTRO is not challenging enough (too easy) to keep new players engaged? #LOTRO

    A39: Matt "Hoarsedev" Zimmitti
    Our present classes don't require difficult choices in how to play. Future changes should increase the challenge level. Because you won't be able to do everything as any class.

    Q40: @ArtsySuvi Scarycrow, Bree looks awesome! You said you'd try to revamp the Prancing Pony interior; will we be seeing that soon?

    A40: Matt “Scarycrow” Fahey
    Yes I do plan to revamp the interior for the Prancing Pony. This is a personal project of mine. So when I have time, I'll get on it.

    Q41: @Mithrandir99 any plans to give us cappies mounted helpers? #LOTRO

    A41: Evan "Verizal" Graziano
    Although captains aren't getting mounted helpers, all classes will be seeing new mounted traits and skills with U11.

    Q42: @PArriola Will we be able to have crafting in houses?

    A42: Matt “Scarycrow” Fahey
    Yes we will be adding crafting facilities to housing.

    Q43: @Zyaxis the DMG and heal from conjunctions has not kept pace with our skills. Any changes coming ?

    A43: Matt "Hoarsedev" Zimmitti
    We're looking at both the balance and timing of conjunctions. A43a: An update should come with the class changes.

    Q44: @jordan_rose72 is content meant to be this easy or is it a bug?

    A44: Lauren “Budgeford” Salk
    Content is not 'this easy' for everyone. The goal of most landscape content is to let everyone play and enjoy it. Instanced content is intended to be more difficult.

    Q45: @angelohouston Is it fair to say that you guys are now firmly committed to this "tree" revamp? #Lotro #Devchat

    A45: Matt "Hoarsedev" Zimmitti

    Q46: @pieeatingchamp will you be making tweaks to fate/power use because since U10 my warden barely uses any power fighting 10+ mobs #LOTRO #DEVCHAT

    A46: Evan "Verizal" Graziano
    10.1 will bring adjustments to fate and power to bring the stat down to a more managable level. Fate's contribution will be reduced. Skill costs will also be reduced. All classes underwent a round of balance.

    Q47: @MMOHippieChick RE: A 39. This sounds suspiciously like forced grouping. Me no likey.

    A47: Matt "Hoarsedev" Zimmitti
    Each class on its own should be good enough at what you choose to do. You will have to approach challenges based on your build's strengths. This is specifically NOT intended to force grouping.


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Re : Dev Chat #4
« Réponse #1 le: 22 mars 2013, 05:21:50 »
Résumé des choses intéressantes (pour ceux qui ont la flemme de lire/traduire le gros pavé :P). Quelques précisions ou commentaires de ma part entre parenthèses.

Update 11:
* L'update 11 sera gratuite pour les VIP
* Nouveaux traits et compétences de Montures de Guerre avec l'update 11
* Pas de hausse de niveau
* (pour rappel, il s'agit des Collines Rugissantes, zone entre le sud du Grand Fleuve, le Plateau (Rohan) et Fangorn)
* Pas de nouvelles instances, escarmouches ou rescale avec l'update 11. Perso, je pense pas qu'il y en aura non plus avec l'update 12 (prochain addon payant). L'équipe spécialisée sur les instances travaille actuellement sur le Gouffre de Helm, et vera ensuite sur quoi ils travailleront.
* L'update 11 est actuellement sur le serveur QA/alpha-test de Turbine.
(selon les infos glanées, la zone devrait se trouver ici, et être de taille similaire au Grand Fleuve: )

(j'ai par ailleurs grillé un pont en construction au sud du camp de Limeclaire, le long du fleuve, qui n'était pas là avant)

Update 12 (prochain addon payant):
* On sait déjà qu'il contiendra le Gouffre de Helm... mais plus d'infos pourraient être communiquées pour le prochain anniversaire de lotro.

Refonte des classes
* Le système de vertues va évoluer avec la refonte des classes, on pourrait ne plus avoir à faire telle ou telle prouesse, mais avoir "la progression qu'on souhaite".
* Le revamp des classes proposera 3 "arbres" de compétances par classe, avec la possibilité de piocher dans les 3. Des bonus seront donnés en fonction de sa spécialisation (plusieurs spécialisations sont prévues). Il sera possible de se respécialiser.
* Le système de conjonction va être revu (timing et équilibrage) en même temps que la refonte des classes
=> Je pense que le système d'arbreS risque d'être similaire aux montures de guerre :/

Refonte du Housing
* Les maisons des joueurs inactives vont être remises à la location aux joueurs actifs
* Il va être possible de crafter chez soi

Est-ce que lotro devient trop facile/casual?
* Les classes actuelles sont intuitives, et ne demande pas à faire des choix difficile sur la façon dont on manie sa classe (heuuu, vouai, genre les lignes de traits changement pas drastiquement sa classe, peut être??). Le remaniement des classes va changer rendre le jeu plus difficile, car ils ne pourront pas tout faire à l'instant T.
* Le contenu n'est pas facile pour tout le monde. Le but des zones ouvertes est de permettre à tout le monde d'y jouer et d'y prendre du plaisir; Par contre le contenu instancié est sensé être plus difficile.

* Une bonne suggestion va peut être nous permettre (enfin) dans le futur de combiner toutes nos reliques en un clic .
* Pas de plan, pour le moment, pour visiter Dale ou l'Erebor comme zone ouverte.
* Pas de revamp des zones intermédiaires prévues.
* Pas de changements prévus sur le système d'armes légendaire
* Le système d'auto-loot devrait bientôt être appliqué aux escarmouches (dans un futur proche).
* L'équipe de localisation de Turbine travaille sur des correctifs à chaque patch, et est à l'écoute des suggestions et bugs remontés par la communauté (LOOOOL).
* Le système de proc va être plus largement exploité dans le futur (plus de variété de proc).
* A cause de limitations techniques, les slots d'armes/boucliers cosmétiques ne va pas être possible
* Il est prévu, un jour peut être, de revamp l’intérieur du Poney fringuant
* l'update 10.1 a venir va rééquilibrer le rapport entre le destin et la puissance. La consommation en puissance des compétences va aussi être revu.
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Re : Re : Dev Chat #4
« Réponse #2 le: 22 mars 2013, 07:26:11 »
Merci à vous deux  :)

Refonte du Housing
* Les maisons des joueurs inactives vont être remises à la location aux joueurs actifs
* Il va être possible de crafter chez soi

Ce doit être un poisson d'avril en avance.
Non parce que pour le housing ils promettent une refonte depuis... pfuiiiiiiiiiii... mais si au final c'est juste ça on n'est pas prêt d'atteindre les sommets d'EQ2  :ouin

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Re : Dev Chat #4
« Réponse #3 le: 22 mars 2013, 08:01:18 »
Comme quoi pour l'Update 11, il faudra que je claque des PT pour les quêtes...



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Re : Re : Re : Dev Chat #4
« Réponse #4 le: 22 mars 2013, 14:24:22 »
Merci à vous deux  :)

Refonte du Housing
* Les maisons des joueurs inactives vont être remises à la location aux joueurs actifs
* Il va être possible de crafter chez soi

Ce doit être un poisson d'avril en avance.
Non parce que pour le housing ils promettent une refonte depuis... pfuiiiiiiiiiii... mais si au final c'est juste ça on n'est pas prêt d'atteindre les sommets d'EQ2  :ouin

Ce n'est pas une liste exhaustive, mais les réponses à des questions précises. On sait par exemple qu'il sera possible d'acheter des coffres supplémentaires, et qu'il y a des chances d'avoir des slots de déco beaucoup plus permissifs.

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Re : Dev Chat #4
« Réponse #5 le: 22 mars 2013, 14:27:29 »
Super, confirmation des arbres de compétence, en espérant qu'il y ait suffisamment de choix pour avoir de réelles personnalisations des persos (et non pas comme à l'heure actuelle où chaque classe utilise grosso modo les mêmes traits selon qu'on joue solo, groupe, raid... vu le nombre de traits useless...).

J'ose espérer que le revamp de l'housing ne se résume pas aux deux points annoncés... effectivement, depuis le temps qu'on nous le promet, ça serait plus que décevant ...

Concernant la prochaine mise à jour, j'espère une zone façon grand fleuve, proposant quand même du contenu groupe hors instance.

On a également confirmation qu'une équipe de traduction est toujours sur le jeu...ce qui devrait calmer un peu ceux qui annonçait la fin des traductions... façon DDO.

Et on va arriver enfin au gouffre de Helm, yeah !

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Re : Dev Chat #4
« Réponse #6 le: 22 mars 2013, 18:17:18 »
Mouais, perso je le sens moyen les coup des arbres de competences.

Le systeme tel qu'il est est quand meme bon, et bien fait du point de vue de l'equilibre des groupes et de la variabilite des gameplay des differentes classes.
Il est bien plus facile casser le jouet que de l'ameliorer...

Wait and see.

Lotro: Kinoin, Piwafwi, Mertion
GW2: en pause

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Re : Dev Chat #4
« Réponse #7 le: 23 mars 2013, 14:25:48 »
J'abonde dans le sens de Kinoin.

Pour la plupart des classes (à l'exception notable de ménestrel et gardien), j'ai tendance à avoir un set de traits de classe "idéal-rien-qu'à-moi" que j'utilise en toutes ciconstances, polyvalent et correspondant à mon gameplay.
TESO : Aedril / Ysiil / Dushil / Yulo-il / Thyniel
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