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Dev Chat #3
« le: 22 février 2013, 10:37:59 »
Hier a eu lieu un nouveau twitt chat avec des développeurs de Lotro, en voici la transcription intégrale

One note, we’ll be as open as possible with our answers, but please be aware that development priorities are prone to shifting. #LOTRO
Our answers reflect our current plans and expectations, but are subject to change. #LOTRO

Let's begin... #LOTRO

Q1 Jchudz - Mostly I'd like to get a straightforward answer as to why the whole power/fate revamp in u10 was implemented in the first place.
A1a Sure thing. Standardizing power and revising fate, in combination, give us more options for how we create rewards and items.
A1b The changes also allow us to more accurately/clearly cost abilities. A lot of the pre-standardized costing was all over the place.
A1c In order to properly compare skills and items, we needed to get closer to a consistent standard on these stats.
A1d All of this in sum will make the class revisions easier to both implement on our end and understand on your end (I hope!). -HoarseDev

Q2 Milithion - Any plans to extend the area of the Ettenmoors? #LOTRO
A2 Jinjaah - None at the moment. #LOTRO

Q3 MRWarg - Are the major class revamps being made with PvMP in mind? #LOTRO
A3 Jinjaah - There are certainly some pvmp considerations being made in the revamp. #LOTRO

Q4 Peter_Pan – Do you have any plans to implement a system that allows master looter to be used in combination with remote looting? #LOTRO
A4 JWB - No plans as of now. We're pretty happy overall with how remote looting is working in instances. #LOTRO

Q4 Ehil - Are you planning to phase in any new legacy for our LIs contributing to new skills during class-revamp? #LOTRO
A4 Jared – We will be looking at the existing Legacies as well as adding new legacies where needed, going forward. #LOTRO

Q5 Fidzy_the_humble - When will we be able to send multiple items in a single mail?
A5 We’re looking at better ways to transfer items more efficiently. Multiple items in mails is on that list but we’ve got a lot to evaluate. - HoarseDev

Q6 Vulcan583 -Any plans to rework the Lore master’s blue line? #LOTRO
A6 Jared – All lines of all classes are being examined. #LOTRO

Q7 Aleatar - With the future class revamp, are there any plans to make the trait system more determinant in the classes. #LOTRO
A7 Jared - Absolutely. We want the selection of a trait line to be vital part of the player’s progression and as such, each
A7a line should be distinct and exciting. #LOTRO

Q8 Tangaar -Is there going to be some revamp on BA skills cool-down or any kind of revamp? #LOTRO
A8 Jinjaah - We feel the black arrow is in a great spot compared to some other creep classes at the moment. #LOTRO

Q9 Tirian_Hammerfist - Any info that can be spared about the Player Council would be very welcome! #LOTRO
A9 Sapience – We’re targeting early March to unveil the full details. We’ve incorporated a lot of your feedback into our plans. #LOTRO

Q10 SabrielofLorien - What types of ideas are there for solo players to have end game play similar to what is offered to the raiding community? #LOTRO
A10 JWB - Hytbold was much more succesful than we anticipated. We'll continue to explore things like that and other options to give everyone something compelling, engaging, and rewarding to do at cap. #LOTRO

Q11 Oldin - Any thoughts on going back to the old system of looting? #LOTRO
A11 JWB - Just one *preps the Dana Carvey voice* Not Gonna Do It. #LOTRO

Q12 Squelcher - Sapience, will there be PVMP representatives from both factions on the Player Council? #LOTRO
A12 Sapience – Yes. Part of the application will ask for your class and play preferences. #LOTRO

Q13 YageerSilverscale - While developing Draigoch's lair the dev team mentioned a CJ revamp. Do you still have plans on that? #LOTRO
A13 JWB - Yes. Once the dust has settled from the class updates and we're prepping content these will have more relevance in I'm hoping to get this done. #LOTRO

Q14 AlmericITA - Since we have brand new servers, will be any chance for inter-server activities? Shared PvMP zone, Shared Instance finder #LOTRO
A14 Jared – Cross Server is something we would like to do, but there are a lot of technical hurdles that must be overcome. #LOTRO

Q15 Fidzy_the_humble -Will we be able to send mail to people on other server?
A15 No time soon =/ - HoarseDev

Q16 Interactii - Why don't you expose more of the system team’s intent behind changes to users?
A16a Workin’ on it. This year with regular dev chats and some changes to the format of some dev diaries we’re going to move in that direction.
A16b Some of our dev diaries read more like manuals than actual diaries. It can be hard to transition from technical to personal writing.
A16c Kelsan’s will always read like manuals because he has no soul. - HoarseDev

Q17 Atriohm - Any thoughts on a new pvmp map? #LOTRO
A17 Jinjaah - Not at this time. #LOTRO

Q18 reDot - Who is burg dev? #LOTRO
A18 Jared – I’ll be taking on the role of Burglar Dev. #LOTRO

Q19 xDementedx -Will there be a major revamp to the current system of PvMP or are you only looking into improvements/bugfixes this year? #LOTRO
A19 Jinjaah -Mainly improvements and bug fixes this year. #LOTRO

Q20 Raven-EU - How will the "Player Council" affect your other feedback program: the Bullroarer server? #LOTRO
A20 Sapience – We see feedback as a progression. Our thinking is Council, Palantir, Bullroarer, live. #LOTRO

Q21 Alyselle - Is there any multi boss raid (like Orthanc) planned in the near future? #LOTRO
A21 JWB - Currently, the instance team is working on prototyping the Helm's Deep experience. #LOTRO

Q22 Joene -Moria got a nice revamp. Are you planning on doing this on pre-Moria content? #LOTRO
A22 JWB - As time allows we will continue to revamp the older regions of the game. #LOTRO

Q23 MrWarg - Can you give us any more information on the major class revamps taking place later in the year? #LOTRO
A23 Jared – Our goal is to reduce the hybrid-homogenized nature of our classes while bringing definition and excitement to the primary role of each line. #LOTRO

Q24 Dotfive - Any plans for a new class? #LOTRO
A24 Jared – Not at this time. We feel the revamp is going to breathe a lot of new life into the existing classes. #LOTRO

Q25 AlmericITA - New PvMP Zone in sight, even far away? #LOTRO
A25 Jinjaah - Not in sight. #LOTRO

Q26 @BhorisThe Spider – One of the reasons for Audacity was to introduce ‘seasonal’ armour sets for the moors. When is the next season? #LOTRO
A26 HoarseDev - A little after u10… 10.1 or 11 methinks. Weapons hopefully as well.#LOTRO

Q27 YageerSilverscale - Will we ever see any MC instance / part of instance ? #LOTRO
A27 JWB - It's on the to-do list at some point, no current eta. #LOTRO

Q28 Morneniel- Will we ever get a house per character? My poor dwarf never liked elves for roommates and can't wait to move out
A28a This is… well, we’re looking at how to get this to work. I would say unlikely for the first round of housing improvements.
A28b Getting some good fixes for existing housing issues is a bigger priority right now. -HoarseDev

Q29 Tirian_Hammerfist - Any plans to introduce a new creep class, simply for the sake of keeping things fresh? #LOTRO
A29 Jinjaah - We have had conversations about adding some new creep classes. #LOTRO

Q30 Aleatar- Will the housing revamp provide some benefits to the players or will remain as something merely cosmetic?
A30 Man I hope so. We are in the midst of prototyping and evaluating our options. Sorry for the flakey answer there but I can’t really nail this down this month. - HoarseDev

Q31 Kajil -Is the hunter class ever going to see something along the lines of a strong, instant self-heal/HOT or instant B/P/E buff? #LOTRO
A31 Jared – It’s not out of the realm of possibility, but I’d prefer something other than a heal for survivability. #LOTRO

Q32 Aleatar Any firm plans to revamp the kinship system once that you are done with the housing?
A32 Firm? No. Deeply desired? Yes. - HoarseDev

Q33 @Miesse can we please please have a trait panel setup that lets us save trait loadouts and name them like for MC? #LOTRO
A33 Hoarsedev - Yes.

Q34 @DaniAngione Why not make currency (money) shared like marks and such? Kind of annoying to mail money to yourself #LOTRO
A34 JWB - We see as many requests not to do this as we do to do it.

Q35 @TryenTakmion it seems as if the fate change has made fate more necessary than other stats especially for medium classes any plans to fix this
A35 HoarseDev The fate changes aren't fire and forget. #LOTRO
A35a We'll be tuning regularly going forward. #LOTRO

Q36 @sethbar1 How can the devs fully grasp the needs of a class when they are working with multiple classes and moving around so much?
A36 HoarseDev this pass on classes is intended to address their interactions as a whole in groups.
A36a We have to look at them all at the same time in order to see "how each piece fits into the puzzle."
a36b (Quotes from JWB)

Q37 ekimkaerf2 Approximately when will the class revisions begin? #LOTRO
A37 Jared - Internal dev is underway.
A37a JWB - much of what you are seeing with stat changes and itemization changes
A37b and combat mechanics are foundational. It will all suppport our class changes later this year.

Q38 @TurthinSwiftbow People are wondering if Champs will have shields returned to the class?..#LOTRO
A38 Jinjaah - No shields will not be returning for champs. #LOTRO

Q39 @ellohir I love Lotteries, are there any more fun "event" lottos coming? I missed something for Valentine's Day #lotro
A39 Sapience. Keep an eye on lotteries this weekend. #LOTRO

Q40 @pebelas Will it be possible to place our stuff freely after the housing revamp or will you keep the fixed system as it is now #LOTRO
A40 HoarseDev - I would like to see better placement rules for deco objects in houses. #LOTRO

Q41 @JimMarshallNC What was the purpose for the warden stat change? In other words what affect are you going for?
A41 Jared - It simplifies our itemization scheme to have all medium armour classes utilize agility as a primary stat.

Q42 @Pasimii Any plans to get away from PvE in the Ettenmoors?
A42 jinjaah We have been over the past few updates.
A42a and we will continue to make it more PVMP centric.
A42b Jared - The purpose of keeps and outposts is to use PVE to instigate PVP.

Q43 @this_xenonn Will the class revisions fix the Loremaster's very under powered pets? #LOTRO #DEVCHAT
A43 Jared Yes. As part of the class revamp we hope to make pets an important part of all pet classes.

Q44 @anders_halt when comes U10? Any infos? #LOTRO
A44 Rowan - Early MArch. #LOTRO

Q45 @plambert Will you consider giving Founders some small priority in joining the Player Council? #LOTRO
A45 Sapience All groups will recieve equal consideration. We won't be playing favorites. #LOTRO

Q46 @pebelas Another housing-question: will empty houses from inactive players be available to rent again? #LOTRO
A46 HoarseDev We're working out a reasonable foreclosure solution.
A46a to free up those long empty houses. #LOTRO

Q47 @dAmionGER Will NPC-stats in skirmish (Elrohir e.g.) be scaled in sometime, too? Currently, they are more a obstruction than a help. #LOTRO
A47 JWB No. In solo spaces they are meant to be a help.
A47a In group spaces they are meant to be part of the challenge.

Q48 @Pasimii Are there any plans to edit racial skills/traits?
A48 Jared It's definitely something we're looking to do in the future.
A48a Probably after the class updates.

Q49 @Bloodspill Any chance for a veggie friendly feasting table/fire pit type housing item? #lotro
A49 HoarseDev It's an interesting idea.

Thanks guys. That's our time for today. We apologize for the technical snags, they slowed us down a bit. #lotro

Bonus Questions. Due to today's technical issues on Twitter, we've answered these additional Questions

BQ1 Raven-EU - What do you think will be the biggest benefit that you and your team will reap from the "Player Council"?
BA1 Rowan I’m looking forward to the personal interaction with a group of dedicated players. We were able to have some design discussion around classes with “LOTRO’s Biggest Fan” when he was here in the office last year, and it was hugely valuable. I’ve had a few opportunities to do this at community events as well, both in the United States (PAX) and Europe (gamescom). Nothing beats talking through ideas directly.

BQ2 Nubcat - A few creep players (especially us girls) were saying how cool it would be to play a female creep (Angmarim, perhaps). What is the chances of that, or any new creep class, being introduced to the game?
BA2 Jinjaah - I think having a new creep class be female is a great idea.

BQ3 Bastiat1 - Can you please explain the design decision to have the single best in slot item in the game (Horse-lords bracelets) drop primarily from over-land level 85 trash mobs? What objective were the designers trying to achieve?
BA3 JWB - There are a lot of equipment slots and upgrades available in game. The best thing for absolutely every slot shouldn't be relegated to only 1 type of content.

BQ4 Bastiat1 - In contrast to the last four raids (DN, BG, OD, Orthanc), the coming raid is three isolated single encounters as opposed to a multi-boss progression raid. Does this signal a design philosophy change at Turbine with respect to raiding? If not, is there a multi-boss progression raid on the development list for the future? If so, when? If not, why?
BA4 JWB - Not a shift at all, for this story and location having 3 separate encounters fit better. The story of the cluster being made drives the structure of that cluster and raids.

BQ5 Kajil - Will the numerous hunter skills and traits (specifically, Bow of the Righteous, Press Onward, Strength of the Earth, Agile Rejoinder, assorted legendary item legacies, etc) that are currently under-scaled or out-of-date be scaled to perform up-to-par with other class's skills?
BA5 Jared – Anything and everything is up for revision with the class revamps.

BQ6 Waylen -Threat generation by tanks appears to not scale proportionally to dps. Will you be addressing this issue at some point? Also Threat itself is very murky do you have any plans for making it a bit more transparent?
BA6 Jared – Yes. Threat has been the topic of many design discussions recently and we agree that the system is not particularly user friendly and it’s something we want to address.

BQ7 Raven-EU - On an average day, how much time do you (and your colleges in the OCR team) spend "cracking the whips" on the forums and how much is spent on other stuff, like thinking up cool ways to make the player base excited?
BA7 Sapience – It would probably surprise most people that it’s the inverse of what they expect. Moderation is really one of the smaller parts of our jobs. In fact we have a team of moderators who deal with most of it so the Community team can focus on other things. The bulk of our time is spent gathering feedback for the various teams in the building; including everyone from the dev team to executives. We spend a lot of time coming up with ideas like these dev chats, screen shot contests, supporting fan sites, helping community leaders on each server create great events, the upcoming Player Council, lotteries, trivia, and organizing real world events like the PAX player parties.

BQ8 Spartiotis - Hi, will we get new guilded crafted recipe's to counteract the whole fate power/crit changes or will the current recipe's simply be changed. Also, can you give us a rough time as when U10 will be launched pls?
BA8 HoarseDev - There will be several passes on recipes. Some will be new recipes. In a lot of cases we will change existing recipes to accommodate the stat changes. -HoarseDev

BQ9 Brya - Can you share any ideas you're considering for the housing revamp? Will we be able to get more storage?
BA9 Just ideas for this month but… more/better storage, better item placement rules, ways to display armor/weapons.
We’re evaluating our options and will keep you posted. - HorseDev

BQ10 Delaney - In the class revamps, will underused class trait lines be re-evaluted to encourage their use again, such as the burg MM line?
BA10 Not so much lines as trees, but yeah, that is central to the changes coming.
While we will never get to the point that every build will be equally popular we do think that we can make your character build full of rewarding choices. - HoarseDev

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Re : Dev Chat #3
« Réponse #1 le: 22 février 2013, 11:41:54 »
merci pour les infos :))
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Re : Dev Chat #3
« Réponse #2 le: 22 février 2013, 17:27:20 »
Les précédents étaient plus riches en infos. Je retiens que:
* L'équipe qui travaille sur les instances est concentrée sur le Gouffre de Helm  :yahoo :clap
* Il est prévu un système de sauvegarde de combinaison de traits (comme pour les Montures de Guerre)... reste à savoir quand. Le bourse à jeton a prit plus de 18 mois entre la première annonce et son arrivée, malgré sa simplicité finale ^^
* La refonte du housing (qui semble ne pas être pour demain, car ils sont en train d'en parler) prévoiera plus de stockage (coffres supplémentaires payants??), plus de facilités de placement de déco... et la possibilité d'exposer ses armes et armures  :jump2



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